Expat jobs far, far, away

24 Dec

Cocooned in my family home back in England, having started the day with an eggs ‘n bacon breakfast, I’m watching the sploshy London drizzle and thinking about the cucumber sarnies we’ll be enjoying later for afternoon tea, which we’re having  in a hotel that’s home to one of the country’s only tea sommeliers.

Oh, and later, we’re doing a spot of morris dancing, popping into a pie n mash shop, visiting a pearly King and Queen and doin’ the Lambeth walk – oi! Some of that might be made up.

It’s great to be surrounded by loved ones, enjoying home comforts. Toronto feels a long, long way away.

No doubt most readers are similarly holed up with their nearest and dearest, or preparing to be.

But for those whose relatives’ eccentricities spark less than fuzzy feelings, or those who are just fed up of the damp weather, or are re-evaluating life with 2013 just round the corner: have you ever considered emigrating to somewhere warm and far away with a wealth of expat opportunities?

You have?

How about Azerbaijan?

| Azerbaijan, baku city |

Courtesy of mohammad sadeghmo

According to a survey I’ve written about for telegraph.co.uk, expats are having to increasingly set their sights further away from home to land the best jobs and most generous packages with school fees included.

As countries in Eastern Europe and traditional expat destinations in Asia build their home-grown managerial talent, there are better deals to be snared in emerging markets, which also include Mongolia and Armenia. These countries need experienced managers who are culturally sensitive, can build teams and are able to operate with little in the way of support functions. In the words of one headhunter I spoke to: “If a company needs someone in the Gobi Desert, they’ll pay whatever’s going to get people there.”

So, Gobi Desert; How about it?

Gobi desert Landscape shadows

By frenchster


2 Responses to “Expat jobs far, far, away”

  1. Zhu December 24, 2012 at 10:02 am #

    Gosh, imagine the culture shock! I can’t even spell the name of the country 😆

    Feels good to be home once in a while, doesn’t it! I don’t consider myself an expat anymore though, I am Canadian (and French). Still, sometimes home is France and sometimes it’s Canada, depending on my mood.

  2. Sandi Wilson July 7, 2016 at 9:54 am #

    I am doing an anniversary event for the Legion and would like to get a Pearly King & Queen. Would you happen to know anyone within the Greater Toronto Area? Cheers!

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